Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Individual Coaching

I offer regular individual coaching to clients of all ages who present with a variety of presenting problems. I use the first session as time to assess and develop a treatment plan. I typically do short term, solution oriented coaching which starts out weekly for the first 3-4 sessions.

Then, I like to have clients do more in between sessions and meet every other week for 3-4 sessions. As the presenting problem improves, then it is recommended to meet once per month for 1-3 months to monitor progress. If the presenting problem has remitted for the most part, then a client “graduates” from coaching!

If you do the math, I see clients between 6-12 visits across 5-7 months which is an efficient and effective way to do coaching. If a client needs a “tune up,” the door is always open.


Couples Coaching

I’m proud to be a part of the Relational Life Institute for relationship coaching (a program designed by Terry Real).  I prefer the two hour session every other week versus the weekly one hour visit.  I find that the two hour session is a much more productive use of the couple’s time.  Please see my Relational Couples Coaching page for more details.


Relational Interventions

Relational Interventions are 2-3 days of intensive coaching (6-8 hours per day) for couples and families who are in some sort of crisis and who need immediate and effective help. For example, these are for couples who are on the brink of divorce, are having an infidelity crisis, or are in need of a “reset” in a chronically “stuck” marriage. Also, these interventions are for families who are in crisis with their children, adult children, adult siblings, or their aging parents.

I customize these Relational Interventions according to the needs of the family or couple. I am able to be flexible in my scheduling and am available on weekends. If time permits, I typically have each participant fill out a short questionnaire so that I can get an idea ahead of time the nature of the presenting issues. These intensive interventions can create powerful, long lasting change. It is an honor for me to help couples and families in this format.

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Family Relational Coaching

I love doing family coaching!!  The more people in the room, the better! I often work with parents and their children in this format.  However, I also offer family coaching for adult parents and their adult children.  I offer family coaching in my office or, if it makes sense, in the family’s home.


Healing Relational Trauma Weekend Intensives

I offer weekend intensives for men and for women who want to do deep HRT work.  These typically begin on Thursday afternoon or evening and end by Sunday afternoon, depending on the number of people participating (3-4).  There are usually four participants in each weekend.  Start time is 9am and each day ends around 4-5pm.  Cost is usually around $1000 to $1200 per person per intensive.

Equine Centered Coaching

Since my “coaching herd” is located an hour west of the Twin Cities, I offer equine centered coaching on weekends. I have access to a large indoor arena throughout the year, weather permitting.  Equine centered coaching is for all ages and is effective for all presenting issues.  I do equine centered coaching with individuals, children, teens, couples, and families.

I hope I have the opportunity to help you
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