Meet Dr. Pam

Meet Dr. Pam

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit and seek. Please allow me to tell you about myself and the work I do.

My Vision…

I believe that effective coaching comes from a solid base of education and training, learning from as many people as you can along the way, and the connection you create with your clients through personality, energy and coaching style.

Who I Work With…

Individuals, adults, older children (8yrs old and up), teens, young adults, couples and families.

Lifelong Learning

I have had many excellent teachers cross my professional path over my 32 year career. They include learned professors, wise clinical supervisors, great professional role models, incredibly competent colleagues, and my best teachers of all–my hundreds (or thousands) of clients. I value continuing education and have acquired many skills and perspectives along the way.


I will start with my credentials since they should be of great importance in selecting a therapist. I hold a master’s degree (1984) and a doctoral degree (1993) in the field of psychology.  I have been licensed in the state of Minnesota as a Licensed Psychologist since 1988. If there was a degree for “clinical wisdom,” I would have earned one of those for the many wonderful things I’ve learned from my clients and mentors across the years. Furthermore, my 91 year old mother, whom I love dearly, attributes my success as a psychologist to my “good, old fashioned common sense.” Although no diplomas exist for these qualities, I find that they can play an important role in the selection of a therapist and in the therapeutic process.


I was about 16 years old when I decided to become a psychologist. I am fortunate that I made my dream come true and I continue to have a deep passion for my work 40 plus years later. My journey has included a total of seven years of graduate school including 2 years in a master’s program and 5 years in a doctoral program. The focus of my master’s degree was in cognitive-behavioral therapy and behavioral medicine. My doctoral training deepened my competences in diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning.

Therapeutic Approach

I will follow with telling you something about my therapeutic approach–which also has importance in finding a good match with a relational coach.  I feel very fortunate to have spent the past 32 years in a profession that is so rewarding, satisfying, and allows for lifelong learning.  I take great joy in playing a part in helping others improve the emotional and relational quality of their lives. I love helping others create solutions to their life problems and to help them achieve results in a short period of time. I use an “eclectic” therapeutic approach which means that I customize a treatment plan based on the presenting issues. I then forge a “hybrid” set of clinical tools from my “clinical tool box,” which has been gathered, collected, and crafted over three plus decades. I then use them wisely and judiciously to help create the change my clients are seeking.

Personal Style

I am the same person inside and outside of my office.  The feedback I have received from clients about my style includes these adjectives:  Straight talker, perceptive, warm, intelligent, truth teller, gentle but strong, incisive, decisive, verbally skilled, compassionate, etc.

Meet Maggie

Maggie is my beloved dog and you’ll often find yourself warmly welcomed at the front door by Maggie. Need a little extra comfort during your session? Maggie is there to provide needed snuggles and a warm hug.

I hope I have the opportunity to help you
with the changes you are seeking!

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