Fees, Policies, and Forms


The fee for one hour of service is $180 per hour.  Payment is expected at the time of service. Visa, Mastercard, Checks, and cash are accepted.


I am not a provider for any insurance company at this time.  I quit accepting insurance in 2000 for many reasons.  Currently, the major benefit for a client to not use their insurance for therapy is privacy.  Most insurance companies are requiring their providers to use the Electronic Health Record (EHR) where a diagnosis and therapy progress notes are posted. Solo providers who do not accept insurance were granted immunity from the EHR laws in Minnesota in 2015.

I provide a receipt for clients who wish to submit the payments to their insurance company for possible reimbursement.  Costs can be applied to one’s deductible or can be applied to an HSA or FSA.

Cancellation Policies

Please notify me of a cancellation within a 24 hour period for a one hour service or provide 48 hours notice for a two-hour service or greater. If you placed a deposit for an intensive and are unable to attend, you may lose all or a portion of the deposit amount.

I try my best to be judicious about charging fees for late cancellations when circumstances dictate.  A “no show” is typically charged the full fee for the service.


My practice conforms to all HIPPA standards.

All clients are granted confidentiality by rule and law.  For minors, there are exceptions in extreme circumstances where harm to self, others, or harm done to them come into play.  For couples, when a partner is meeting with me 1:1, the individual partner is granted confidentiality no matter the content of the session.  The “duty to warn” law is an exception for adults and minors.  I discuss confidentiality in detail with each client at the first session.

Release of Information

I use the Minnesota Standard Consent Form to Release Health Information which is a PDF found at www.health.state.mn.us  This form can be downloaded, completed and emailed or faxed to me.

Download Minnesota Standard Consent Form to Release Health Information