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Relationship Coaching

Dr. Pam offers relationship coaching to meet various needs. From individual to couples and relational interventions. When family dynamics are involved, Dr. Pam can even work as a conduit to preserve the family unit.

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Relational Couples Coaching

Relational Couples Coaching is based on teaching individuals relational skills that enhance intimacy, which is something we humans were all designed for, crave and deserve.

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Relational Retreats

Dr. Pam is working on a whole new offering for building healthy relationships. Relational Retreats will take you from a short weekend away to an exotic 2 week intensive getaway.

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  • Eileen Mitchell
    Eileen MitchellTherapist
    As a fellow therapist, I see Dr. Pam for case consultations. She is uniquely gifted to see and point out patterns in relationships that I had missed. I often leave those sessions wishing I could just clone her and keep her in my pocket to draw on her gift for using words to paint a picture of what is going on. Highly recommend!
  • Anne Marquis
    Pam has been coaching me through the emotional minefield of life after divorce. The things I’ve learned about myself have helped me in every relationship in my life; from my kids to coworkers to clients to (yes) dating. I’ve learned how to create and respect boundaries, see the big picture and be the owner of my emotions. I’d highly recommend Pam and look forward to continuing my work with her.
  • Brooke Schmidt
    Brooke SchmidtTherapist
    Pam is a huge wealth of knowledge and an amazing relationship coach! She’s honest, she doesn’t beat around the bush and she’s compassionate yet very direct. If you want to see quick movement in your relationship, you need to call Pam!
  • Sheryl Gilbertson
    Dr. Pam was recommended to me by a friend over a decade ago and seeing her has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She started out coaching me through difficulties over my special needs child and has gone on to help me on various personal issues. She has even seen my husband and me for relationship counseling. I really respond to Pam’s style of no-nonsense and giving measurable goals to accomplish. She holds people accountable, but with respect and humor. My life is so much better for having Dr. Pam as a counselor.
  • LuAnn Suillman
    Over the course of several months, Dr. Pam has helped me become healthier—both emotionally and physically. I have seen several therapists over my lifetime, but Dr. Pam exceeds them all in-depth of experience, keenness of insight and the ability to nurture with both challenge and compassion.
  • Cindy Monten
    I’ve known Dr Pam for many years. She helped me to navigate some really tough times in my life. She has a way of getting right to the heart of the matter without wasting your time. I have referred many people to her and all agree- she is the best!

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